Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to change the language of a game? For example Need For Speed The Run.

First check whether the files.
data-> win32->loc-> en.sb and en.toc
and also
core->lang->AWCStrings_en_US and CoreStrings_en_US
  exist in the game folder. If not download the respective files and then place these files in the respective folders where u installed the game in ur hard drive...

After this

open regedit
(Press Window + R keys to open “Run” box and Type “regedit”, Press Enter, )
go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\\Wow6432No… Games\Need for Speed(TM) The Run

now change the value of locale to en_us (right click on Locale and select modify and then type 'en_us')


NB : if you need the audio to be changed...

Audio_en.sb &
Audio_en.toc should be there in the loc folder....



  1. its not working because i downloaded this game from torrent site

  2. please i need a website to download the respective files

  3. i downloaded this game but the language is russian which i don't understand. please tell me the way i could change the language. i also followed the above steps. But it didn't work.

  4. https://kat.cr/nfs-the-run-english-audio-and-language-t6868502.html

    Download it through Torrent

  5. how can we download these files without the torrentz

  6. how can i dowload these files without the use of torrent

  7. how can i dowload these files without the use of torrent